The publication that gives back!

Soi Publications tries to redefine what an artist is, by featuring people who are passionate, creative, and who love what they do – whatever that may be. To support these artists and promote a sustainable way of creating work for themselves, we will always split our profits 50/50 with them.

To accomplish this mission, we put the power into our readers’ hands, as our profits – and that of the featured artists – are coming directly from the reader. While we want our publication to be a source of inspiration, and therefore accessible to our readers, we don’t want to compromise the integrity of the content by relying on advertisers to promote their ideologies. Sponsors and supporters may be considered in order to help this project grow, but always as long as we retain full creative control.

Additionally, we have made our digital editions available for purchase through a Pay What You Can model, in order to share the inspiring stories in a more accessible way. While being more accessible, the importance of paying artists for their work remains a priority to us, so we thank you for choosing a fair price and spreading the word.

The interviews in our publication express the opinions and views of the participants. As our conversational interviews have been recorded, they have been cleaned up, with the occasional paraphrasing, to reduce any verbal distractions and to fit our layout. We have not censored their thoughts, opinions, and words.

As part of our mission is to build up a supportive community, we try to seek out your input and remain as transparent as possible. Feel free to take part in our surveys, send us an e-mail with any questions, or subscribe to our monthly newsletters – we’d be happy to hear from you! hello[at]soipublications[dot]com

Thank you for your continued support, as this wouldn’t be possible without you!

– Adele and Emily