The publication that gives back!

Our philosophies

What is Soi Publications?
Soi Publications is a quarterly publication that has the goals of:

(a) helping out creative people by providing them funds and exposure,
(b) making it easier for the reader to help out the content creators by creating a commonplace where knowledge is shared and exchanged, and
(c) inspiring our readers with the interviews and stories collected by showing different ways of being creative and successful.

How does that happen? We feature five content creators per issue and conduct in-depth interviews, to have a nice, well-rounded view on each individual’s life!

Who are Emily and Adele?
We are the duo behind Soi Publications! We both come from a background in photography and were dismayed by the mentality that was shown towards photographers and creators; how often the work is not valued enough, which is why we wanted to create something that allows us and others to:

(a) consider how the content creators contribute to our lives, cultures, society
(b) generate some sort of discussion around our own perceptions of worthiness, and
(b) have a way to give back to those people and help others to feel connected, because we believe that the reader is just as valuable as the content creators.

In the end, we just want the readers to feel like they can pursue a way of life that might have been deemed unworthy by others in society, and encourage others to follow what it is they want to do.

Why are you for-profit?
We want to be equitable and promote continuity in a person’s career or path, and in order to do that, we share our profits 50/50 with the artists for each issue. What does that mean? Simply put, half of the profits received for the issue (i.e. for all of Winter 2014) will be shared with the five artists for that issue, meaning they’ll be getting 10% each. The 50% that goes back into the publication might seem like it’s quite a bit, but let’s not forget: there are start up costs that still need to be paid, and typically, the remaining goes for maintaining things like promotional tools, web hosting, the e-commerce plug-in, etc.

Why should I read this?
Our reasoning is that most mainstream media often features stories on tragedies, or they glorify individuals within pop culture who aren’t exactly at par with our own value systems – and rarely do they feature stories that have the potential to uplift the reader or viewer. We’d like to think of the interviews serve as a remedy for all that! By reading these interviews, even if you don’t follow or know the featured artist, you’ll likely have something to gain, as each person has some insight or wisdom to share through their experiences. With these in-depth interviews, we get to have a look at each person’s journey more thoroughly, and see that where they are at is not a result of something that happened overnight. We’re underlying the fact that each person’s journey is unique and is made up of so many different milestones.


Are there any ads? Would we accept any in the future?
We’re ad-free! The exception of ads means that we get to work with a clean layout that makes our publication easy on the eyes, but also that we don’t support the ideologies most ads promote. Most importantly, we want the reader to become the direct supporter of the publication and the content creators. We’re open to sponsors if they are in line with our ideas and agree to giving us full creative control. So, that might mean that they’ll get a place behind the front or back cover for their logo as a thank you.

What is PWYC?
Pay What You Can is a model that we’re using to receive payments of the issues we publish. We want to give the power to the reader! Each reader will get to decide how much they think the publication and the content creators deserve. We also wanted our readers to be able to give what’s within their means, which is ultimately up to the reader to decide. Last July, we conducted a survey to figure out people’s price range, and from there, we decided on a minimum cost of 7$, because we still want to give back to the artists, while remaining accessible.

Why are the interviews so long?
While we could shorten the interview and condense it to the essentials, we want to leave what we find to be all the pertinent parts of the interview, in order to give a more well rounded view of this person’s life. By showing the readers the full story, we are emphasizing the fact that there are so many different factors that go into each journey, and that there is not just one specific way or model to do what it is that we want to do. The interviews are still conversational and very easy to read, so please don’t be intimidated! Each story is so interesting, we’re sure that once you begin reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

Why is the publication digital?
Our first issue was in print, and while it was really beautiful, our main concern was accessibility. Since printing costs so much, we figured the next step would be digital. This facilitates the delivery, as anyone can download it instantly, and take it with them on any device, all while being less expensive. Our publication is in the format of a PDF, which means that you can read it on your computer using Adobe Reader (everyone has that, right?), or on any mobile device that supports PDF.

Are there any interactivity features?
In our survey, most people were interested in hyperlinks – so that’s exactly what we gave you! We link Wikipedia pages, websites, and videos that we think are helpful and relevant to the interview, in order to further your understanding and make your experience more enjoyable.

On our Table of Contents, you’ll find each content creator and topics covered, with the page numbers linked to the actual page… If ever you want to visit (or revisit!) something specific, now you can!

Where can I buy Soi Publications?
You can find our issues in our shop, and it’s available to all countries! There are also some fun things to find in our shop, such as patches, totebags, etc, which will surely help to support us.

Getting involved

How can I help Soi Publications?
This almost goes without saying: sharing helps. Start a conversation. With us. With friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, strangers. Just by talking about it, you’re already becoming a part of something awesome and helping to promote something that’s equitable and fair.

If you know of someone that you’d like to see featured, you can always send us an email with SUBMISSION in the subject heading, and submit links for this person’s work (even if that’s you)! We can’t guarantee that we’ll feature you in our following issue, but we’d love to see more work, as the vastness of the interwebs can be quite overwhelming at times.  ~(˘▾˘✿)

Where can I contact you? How long will it take for a reply?
Send us an email at, where you can send us submissions, cute messages, feedback, or any questions you have. Please make the title descriptive! It all depends on how many e-mails we get, but we reply fairly quickly (typically within 24 – 36 hrs).

Where can I get more info on Soi?
You can always sign up for our monthly newsletter, in order to get updates covering the most important topics (blogposts, videos, and if there’s a new issue out!) through a reliable source.