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Hello all,

with fall already upon us, we just wanted to take the time to give you, our readers, an update of what you can expect to see in the coming weeks and months, by writing out a note from our fourth issue’s foreword.

Looking back on this year, we’re really proud of the four issues we’ve put together and we really hope you enjoy them! We’ve learned a lot from the people featured in every issue – and not only about art and aesthetics, but also about different philosophies and practices that influence their creative processes. Throughout the whole journey of putting these issues together and in speaking with all of these wonderful creators, we’ve also had the time to reflect on where we personally want to make room in our lives and establish balance.
After releasing a year of content, with many ups and downs, we are announcing that we will be taking some time off to rework the kinks in Soi Publications. Typically, people have a tough time admitting to their struggles, because it can be perceived as a negative thing, but it is with much optimism that we say that this isn’t the end – simply a milestone in the journey.
We came into this knowing we wanted to help and make some sort of change. Perhaps we didn’t make as much of a difference as we had hoped for, but it was through the experience of meeting these artists, where we understood how important it was for us to be standing up for something we cared about. The amount of impact is immeasurable, and maybe at times it went as far as uplifting the artist and giving them confidence in the smallest of ways, yet we still consider that a victory.
The privilege we had of meeting these incredible people first-hand, who make our world more abundant with beauty, is something that is hard to describe, but we can offer our gratitude: thank you so much for giving us a chance, hearing us out, collaborating with us, and creating an experience we will forever cherish. With all of that being said, this experience and most importantly, your stories, have given us hope and have shown us that the life of an artist is viable, and now we have plenty of successful examples of that.
So, although we’re taking a break from this project, we look forward to furthering these ideas we originally started with, along with those we were exposed to along the way – some being on success, different philosophies, what it means to be creative, and most importantly, how to keep going when things get rough. Throughout all of these interviews, we’ve witnessed people with immense dedication to their work as a labour of love, which is something we’ll take away from this whole experience.

We’re so excited for the future, and we can’t wait to see how we will carry these old and new ideas forward into our next step of the journey. From the collaborators, the friends, the family, and especially the strangers who took a leap of faith on us – we cannot thank you enough.

Much love,
Adele & Emily


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