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Soi - Issue 4 - Cover

Ashleigh Green is a Canadian drawer, illustrator and observer at heart. Her use of minimalism is striking and the combined use of illustrations and photographs are beautifully simple. She’s heavily influenced by her surroundings, often using nature and little moments that stand out to her as a point of departure. She’s now completing her residency at the HEIMA collective, located in Iceland, where she features a lot of the wild/pure elements around her.

John Franzen is an artist though he might simply consider himself a vessel for energy to flow through. In his series Each Line One Breath, he continuously and consecutively draws a single line with each conscious breath he takes, resulting in these big, beautiful drawings that resemble the unique rings on a tree. By using this seemingly simple concept, and because each piece reflects his breath, they are all dramatically different from one another.

Rosalie McMillan is a jeweller with a background in psychology, who works ideas of self-worth and confidence into her pieces. On top of creating beautiful, minimalist jewellery, she uses recycled materials, one being Çurface, which consists of used coffee grounds, within her most recent collection Java Ore. She also co-runs another project called Smile Plastics, where the company recycles plastics and repurposes them for other creators to use in their work.

Joani Tremblay is a Montreal-based visual artist who creates abstract pieces, often oscillating between ink, embroidery, and different crushed materials as her mediums, but does not limit herself to that. Though abstract, her work feels as if they’re landscapes, or spaces in which we can lose ourselves in. The patterns and repetition lure you in from afar, and upon closer inspection, it is then you notice the seemingly infinite amount of details within her pieces.

Betsy Eby is a visual artist who is primarily known for her beautiful, poetic and large encaustic paintings. Initially, her abstract paintings could be interpreted as a natural landscape, yet it is with further inspection that one can see the many layers of depth filled with colours and a strong sense of movement, that seems to dance throughout all of her pieces. This sense of movement and poetry appears to permeate several aspects of her life – including her practice of playing piano since the age of five.

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Soi - Issue 3 - Cover

Jen Mann, is a visual artist and painter, whose work is both meaningful and beautiful. She uses her skills in hyperrealism to engage the viewer, but the content is what keeps the viewer questioning the same things she does. The ideas explored are that of her identity, the meaningfulness – or meaninglessness – of life, and what is and isn’t real.

Gabriel Dawe is an installation artist that often plays around with two-dimensional to three-dimensional work. He’s most known for his ongoing Plexus series, where he merges the concept of fashion and architecture, through weaving giant site-specific installations made of thread. Alongside his ethereal pieces, his smaller works explore ideas of growing up in Mexico, including colours, gender, and identity.

Bryce Nagels is an entrepreneur with a passion for the food industry – combined, you get the Nutritower. The Nutritower is a user-friendly hydroponic system, which was created to facilitate the indoor growing of food year-round! Though based in Montreal, the project has already reached many countries, and better yet, their plan is to continue expanding in design and in scope.

Henry McCausland, is an illustrator, animator, and observer, who often portrays peculiar scenes. His work varies from the seemingly ordinary to pieces that might leave you wondering why? – sometimes it’s a combination of both. The mystery of the mundane and the subtle wit, merged with strong lines and the use of paint and pen, creates beautiful depth in his work.

Phillip K. Smith III creates installations and sculptures that often play with light, while creating a unique relationship with the environment and viewer. With a background in Art and Architecture, his large sculptures are heavily influenced by minimalism, geometry, reflections, and pace. All of the elements combined allow an experience for the viewer to slow down and tune in.

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Soi - Issue 2 - Cover

Scott Conarroe, is an extremely talented Canadian photographer who is well known for his North American series By Rail, as well as the Chinese counterpart The Great Eastern. Currently residing in Switzerland, he is now able to travel to several countries within his proximity, where he continues to work on his projects that incorporate historical context and powerful imagery.

Ruby Elliot, who is perhaps better known by her handle rubyetc, offers humourous, insightful, and often heartwarming drawings to her followers. Her work ranges from comic cartoons, to visual diaries, often shedding light on her struggle with mental illness or day-to-day encounters, all while uniting people within the online community.

Mark Johnson, who co-founded Playing For Change in 2002 , continues to spread the motto “Peace through Music” and unite others. Among recording several volumes of Songs Around the World, a compilation of songs where different musicians collaborate by performing their own renditions, the project continues to expand by creating music schools and scholarship programs through their foundation.

Alexandra Levasseur, a Montreal-based artist, portrays females in vulnerable and strong roles, in a scene that is typically filled with symbolism. Her work currently varies from a combination of painting, drawing, and animation, as a means to explore her environment and understand the relationships in the world around her.

Vanessa Aisling is a visual storyteller, who is also native to Montreal. Her work typically deals with ideas of culture, tradition, homes, and often feels very nostalgic and dream-like. She most recently spent part of her summer at an artist residency in Cádiz, Spain, where she worked on her project and produced her book Getting Lost, Going Home.

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Basil Al-Rawi is a cinematographer and a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. The series Façade, which deals with the results and the effects of the Irish property bubble burst in 2008, has garnered a lot of acclaim around Europe. We were instantly drawn to the graphic and still qualities of his work and wanted to know more.

Aanchal Malhotra has studied traditional printmaking at OCAD University in Toronto, and is completing her MFA at Concordia in Montreal. Her work varies from traditional prints, to photo-essays, to writing, and using words as imagery. The poetic nature of her work, both in her imagery and her writing, really struck a cord with us!

Piers Faccini is an inspiring singer and songwriter, who also has his own label. In his article Why Music Is Food, he underlines the importance of buying music directly from artists, which promotes the same kind of sustainability of farmer’s markets. After reading it, we knew immediately he would be a great person to feature in our first issue!

Tara Niami is a young photographer and a filmmaker, currently finishing up her BFA in Photography at Pratt Institute. She is well-known for her self-portraiture, but some of her most recent work includes pictures of girls growing up in Her Own Private World, as well as the short film she’s been working on, Mirrors and Ghosts.

Mat Chambers is a fitness instructor, who is also continuing his research on nutrition and life coaching, and their integration into his work. His vibrant and infectious personality is one of the first things that stood out to us, when we met him. By choosing Mat, we wanted to show how his passion leads him to be a creative person – beyond our typical expectations of the artist.

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