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Allllllllrighty, then.

So as we promised, we will be sharing some of our poster concepts for those of you on and off the island of Montreal!  We hope that you have the chance to see them in person around the city, and if not, we’re giving you the opportunity to see them here – because we did put quite some thought into them.  Hold on to your hats!


Throughout our discussions, we felt like we often found ourselves using the term “streamlining” as a way of describing what we wanted to do with our project.  We wanted to hand-pick examples of people who were inspiring; people with innovation, creativity, passion, who were respectful and open, and of course were examples of art.  All of these things we speak of would be representing Soi Publications.  When we say “art” or “artist”, allow us to be clear that we don’t necessarily mean someone with a paintbrush – we’re referring to people who are creative or innovative which essentially extends itself much further than the most typical of artists.  It may include artists as such, but it has the potential to go beyond that, so long as they have this one thing we look for – passion.  So, essentially, we want to funnel all of that creativity into one space, one publication at a time, and that is where Soi Publications will live.


The “streamline” effect we spoke about was pushed even further when we thought about these two “worlds” that existed very much near each other but very seldom touched.  On one side, you’ll find in the yellow zone, the world we know as “pop culture” and the aspects associated with that zone.  Opposite that, in the blue zone, you’ll see the realm of “high art” and its different aspects.  Let’s contextualize this whole discussion by first stating that we believe there are great benefits to both worlds, but with that, there are also faults.  In the example of pop culture, we believe that it is abundant and so easily accessible, which is one of the things we appreciate most.  However, we can also admit that it can be potentially more ordinary than its opposite.  A common thing that we’ve noticed with people’s attitudes towards pop culture is that its often discredited despite the fact that it might actually have some interesting finds!  People might like something in pop because it’s ACTUALLY great, and not only because it’s popular.  We have to thank pop culture for bringing some of these gems into the light because we may not have found out about them otherwise.  Give credit where credit is due, please?!   At the same time, there’s a lot more sorting to do because there will be things that, unfortunately, is in the spotlight due to its popularity.  It’s a bit of a double-edge.  Moving on to high art, aside from the fact that it’s usually much richer in content and more original, it can also be quite exclusive.  Some of the difficulty of high art lies within its restricted accessibility.  If you weren’t educated on some of the topics it touches (for example, some concepts that may be discussed in art), it might be hard to find, as this insight is not always “public knowledge”.  Let’s not forget that many people nowadays can receive their information through pop culture, so we figured, why not try to bring both worlds closer together.  Soi will occupy this space between both realms, and hopefully take the shape of being accessible to many more, while providing rich content.  Snobbery is something we’re growing weary of, and we’re looking at a new approach: supporting one another, and becoming a strong community.  Where the flaws are in pop culture, we hope to replace with some of the benefits of high art – because as we stated, one’s popularity doesn’t take away from its value.  Something should be popular because it’s fantastic, and refreshing.  Just think about it, you could be here, in this space, with us… Come join, the door’s wide open!


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