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Issue No.1 – Fall 2014

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A digital download of our Fall 2014 issue, featuring Basil Al-RawiAanchal Malhotra, Piers FacciniTara Niami, and Mat Chambers!
(more details about each artist can be found in the description below!)

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Basil Al-Rawi is a cinematographer and a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. The series Façade, which deals with the results and the effects of the Irish property bubble burst in 2008, has garnered a lot of acclaim around Europe. We were instantly drawn to the graphic and still qualities of his work and wanted to know more.

Aanchal Malhotra has studied traditional printmaking at OCAD University in Toronto, and is completing her MFA at Concordia in Montreal. Her work varies from traditional prints, to photo-essays, to writing, and using words as imagery. The poetic nature of her work, both in her imagery and her writing, really struck a cord with us!

Piers Faccini is an inspiring singer and songwriter, who also has his own label. In his article Why Music Is Food, he underlines the importance of buying music directly from artists, which promotes the same kind of sustainability of farmer’s markets. After reading it, we knew immediately he would be a great person to feature in our first issue!

Tara Niami is a young photographer and a filmmaker, currently finishing up her BFA in Photography at Pratt Institute. She is well-known for her self-portraiture, but some of her most recent work includes pictures of girls growing up in Her Own Private World, as well as the short film she’s been working on, Mirrors and Ghosts.

Mat Chambers is a fitness instructor, who is also continuing his research on nutrition and life coaching, and their integration into his work. His vibrant and infectious personality is one of the first things that stood out to us, when we met him. By choosing Mat, we wanted to show how his passion leads him to be a creative person – beyond our typical expectations of the artist.


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