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Issue No.2 – Winter 2014

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A digital download of our Winter 2014 issue, featuring Scott Conarroe, Ruby ElliotMark Johnson of PFC, Alexandra Levasseur, and Vanessa Aisling!
(more details about each artist can be found in the description below!)

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Scott Conarroe, is an extremely talented Canadian photographer who is well known for his North American series By Rail, as well as the Chinese counterpart The Great Eastern. Currently residing in Switzerland, he is now able to travel to several countries within his proximity, where he continues to work on his projects that incorporate historical context and powerful imagery.

Ruby Elliot, who is perhaps better known by her handle rubyetc, offers humourous, insightful, and often heartwarming drawings to her followers. Her work ranges from comic cartoons, to visual diaries, often shedding light on her struggle with mental illness or day-to-day encounters, all while uniting people within the online community.

Mark Johnson, who co-founded Playing For Change in 2002, continues to spread the motto “Peace through Music” and unite others. Among recording several volumes of Songs Around the World, a compilation of songs where different musicians collaborate by performing their own renditions, the project continues to expand by creating music schools and scholarship programs through their foundation.

Alexandra Levasseur, a Montreal-based artist, portrays females in vulnerable and strong roles, in a scene that is typically filled with symbolism. Her work currently varies from a combination of painting, drawing, and animation, as a means to explore her environment and understand the relationships in the world around her.

Vanessa Aisling is a visual storyteller, who is also native to Montreal. Her work typically deals with ideas of culture, tradition, homes, and often feels very nostalgic and dream-like. She most recently spent part of her summer at an artist residency in Cádiz, Spain, where she worked on her project and produced her book Getting Lost, Going Home.


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