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Issue No.3 – Spring 2015

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A digital download of our Spring 2015 issue, featuring Jen MannGabriel Dawe, Bryce Nagels of Nutritower, Henry McCausland, and Phillip K. Smith III!
(more details about each artist can be found in the description below!)

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Jen Mann, is a visual artist and painter, whose work is both meaningful and beautiful. She uses her skills in hyperrealism to engage the viewer, but the content is what keeps the viewer questioning the same things she does. The ideas explored are that of her identity, the meaningfulness – or meaninglessness – of life, and what is and isn’t real. 

Gabriel Dawe is an installation artist that often plays around with two-dimensional to three-dimensional work. He’s most known for his ongoing Plexus series, where he merges the concept of fashion and architecture, through weaving giant site-specific installations made of thread. Alongside his ethereal pieces, his smaller works explore ideas of growing up in Mexico, including colours, gender, and identity. 

Bryce Nagels is an entrepreneur with a passion for the food industry – combined, you get the Nutritower. The Nutritower is a user-friendly hydroponic system, which was created to facilitate the indoor growing of food year-round! Though based in Montreal, the project has already reached many countries, and better yet, their plan is to continue expanding in design and in scope.

Henry McCausland, is an illustrator, animator, and observer, who often portrays peculiar scenes. His work varies from the seemingly ordinary to pieces that might leave you wondering why? – sometimes it’s a combination of both. The mystery of the mundane and the subtle wit, merged with strong lines and the use of paint and pen, creates beautiful depth in his work.

Phillip K. Smith III creates installations and sculptures that often play with light, while creating a unique relationship with the environment and viewer. With a background in Art and Architecture, his large sculptures are heavily influenced by minimalism, geometry, reflections, and pace. All of the elements combined allow an experience for the viewer to slow down and tune in.


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