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Issue No.4 – Summer 2015

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A digital download of our Summer 2015 issue, featuring Ashleigh GreenJohn Franzen, Rosalie McMillanJoani Tremblay, and  Betsy Eby!
(more details about each artist can be found in the description below!)

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Ashleigh Green is a Canadian drawer, illustrator and observer at heart. Her use of minimalism is striking and the combined use of illustrations and photographs are beautifully simple. She’s heavily influenced by her surroundings, often using nature and little moments that stand out to her as a point of departure. Originally from B.C., she’s now completing her residency at the HEIMA collective, located in Iceland, where she features a lot of the wild/pure elements around her.

John Franzen is an artist though he might simply consider himself a vessel for energy to flow through. His pieces range from one specific line, to singular strokes or bursts of ink, to giant images created from repetitive lines. In his series Each Line One Breath, he continuously and consecutively draws a single line with each conscious breath he takes, resulting in these big, beautiful drawings that resemble the unique rings on a tree. By using this seemingly simple concept, and because each piece reflects his breath, they are all dramatically different from one another.

Rosalie McMillan is a creative person with a background in psychology, who’s now bringing in both aspects together in her jewellery line, as she works these ideas of self-worth and confidence into her pieces. On top of creating beautiful, minimalist jewellery, she uses recycled materials, one being Çurface, which consists of used coffee grounds, within her most recent collection Java Ore. In the same vein, she co-runs another project called Smile Plastics, where the company recycles plastics and repurposes them for other creators to use in their work.

Joani Tremblay is a Montreal-based visual artist who creates abstract pieces, often oscillating between ink, embroidery, and different crushed materials as her mediums, but does not limit herself to that. Though abstract, her work feels as if they’re landscapes, or spaces in which we can lose ourselves in. The patterns and repetition lure you in from afar, and upon closer inspection, it is then you notice the seemingly infinite amount of details within her pieces, creating a sense of wonder for the viewer.

Betsy Eby is a visual artist who is primarily known for her beautiful, poetic and large encaustic paintings. At first glance, her abstract paintings could be interpreted as a natural landscape, yet it is with further inspection that one can see the many layers of depth filled with bursts of colours and the strong sense of movement, that seems to dance throughout all of her pieces. This sense of movement and poetry appears to permeate several aspects of her life – including her practice of playing piano since the age of five.


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