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This week we had the wonderful surprise of getting a couple more contributions to our campaign!
Both of the contributors decided to opt for our “Thank You” video, which is super fun for us to think up ideas for them and play around with our point-and-shoot cameras!

Serge is an outdoorsy person – much like we are – so we knew we wanted to do something outdoors! We waited for a nice day, and when we were ready to finally take a break from some work, we went on a walk through the forests in our area. Luckily, we were able to get some nice shots of the scenery and flora, as well as decompress a bit.
We hope you like our video, and it was fun for us to add some ambient music, from a great musician – Josh Woodward!

Debbie is such a cheerful person, and loooves animals! So while on our walk, we stopped at a small park with a pond. Again, we were lucky to be able to capture some close-ups of “wild-life” there – ducks, seagulls, songbirds, and even the fish. Another good excuse to decompress from these past few days, so we have you to thank, Debbie! Our video also features an instrumental piece from Josh Woodward.

(To watch the videos, click “read more”!) 

Thank You, Serge!

Thank You, Debbie!

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  1. Suzy July 22, 2014 Reply

    It’s so cool that you guys took the time to make these special and used them as opportunities to go out and capture stuff on camera :)

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