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On the day of our location scouting, as well as our video shoot, we wanted to experiment with “Through the Viewfinder” Shooting, which is exactly what it sounds like – you shoot a picture through the viewfinder of another camera.

Here are some results:

ttl-3788 ttl-3791

ttl-3794 ttl-3798

And lastly, after some sorting through, we’ve finally chosen our profile picture for our website!


Can we just say, it certainly isn’t easy to take self-portraits as two people, using our Brownie Reflex balancing obscurely on a tripod, meanwhile we have a digital camera placed above it on a tripod, all while being draped by a dark cloth so that the reflections of the sky didn’t get the best of our images. Check out our chaotic DIY set-up… (We wouldn’t be true photographers without the DIY aspect of things, would we?)



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