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Hello again!

Last week we shared a note with you from the foreword of our fourth issue, letting you all know we’re going to be taking a bit of a break from releasing content through Soi Publications. But, of course, this is not the end, but rather a step to rebuild and restructure some things we’ve been wanting to work on.
Practically speaking, what that means is that to make some of these changes possible, we need to dedicate our time to those efforts, instead of pushing forward and continuing with interviews and the creation of the next issue. There simply isn’t enough time to do both at the moment, and as we want to restructure, change our format, and possibly work on some side-projects, we have to give those priority at the moment.
The good news though, is that these changes will probably make things a lot more accessible to you, our readers! Our main goal and plan for our hiatus is to rework our website and share more content about all the artists already featured in our issues, with the hopes that when we pick things up again, this new format will allow not only for more accessibility, but also for more visibility and support for the featured artists!
Throughout our whole process and as we start rolling out some of these changes, we’ll continue to give you updates on our blog and through our newsletter! So, stay tuned, because our reworking of the website is only one aspect of the changes to come!

Thank you all for the continued support,

Adele and Emily


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