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With advertising being an integral part for keeping the costs low and the revenues high for the typical magazine, why would we choose to forego advertising? Especially if it could result in some form of income?

Put simply, we want to remain ad-free in our publications, because we feel that ads would distract from the content and the art that we do choose to feature. The purpose of ads are to sell a product; yet that’s not the purpose of our publication. Rather, we want to inspire our readers and support the artists, so ads really don’t have a place in our publication for their purpose and our aesthetics.

In the typical magazine, around 50% of the content is advertisements, which clutter up the magazine, and make it more tedious to read the articles you want to read. Now, we aren’t trying to make a magazine, but rather a publication that feels more like a book, but relates to a magazine in that it is on an issue basis, with content that is similar to a magazine – like interviews and editorials. We want to try and mesh these two aesthetics to create something that our readers will choose to keep for years to come. Additionally, many independent magazines continue to survive based on their readership, instead of deals with advertising houses, so this is not something strange to opt out of advterisements.

We do want to keep an open mind in terms of sponsors though, and not totally eliminate that potential aspect. There have been magazines, publications, and other organizations that rely heavily on people believing their mission and helping out in some way possible. If we were to have someone sponsor us, we would probably feature them on a page on our website and depending on the person, maybe do a quick interview with them on why they want to help. We would have to ensure that the sponsor, whether it’s an individual or a business, is sponsoring to help production costs, and because they believe in this project. We wouldn’t want to treat it as an investment, that they will get some kind of return on it, out of the profits – thus cutting into the artists’ profits. Rather, the reason we would have someone sponsor us and help out production costs, would be to make the publication more affordable to the readers, while still providing the same amount of profit to the artists. Pretty much it would be comparable to a grant, but given by an individual/business.

In reading up on this issue, we came across some interesting articles, one written by a blogger. Many choose to keep their blogs ad-free, in a way to remain as honest as possible to their readers. We would recommend reading this article/FAQ section, because it answers many questions and touches on the same things we believe, and we couldn’t have worded it any better. Thank you to the ADFREEBLOG.ORG

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